MLS Google Apps Services

Google Calendar ( )

More than just your regular calendar application, Google Calendar has the capability to share your schedule, access through mobile, recieve SMS alerts, send invitations and RSVP to events, sync with your dekstop applications and the ability to work on your calendar even if you are offline.

Google Docs ( )

A complete productivity suite which includes word processor, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and the ability to create simple forms for getting inputs from anyone with just a simple link. Google Docs also provides a venue for collaboration which you could share a document to others and being able to edit the same document simultaneously. Your documents are stored online so no matter what computer you use, all of your documents are easily accessible through the web. 

You may visit and take the tour the features of Google Docs

Google Sites ( )

Create rich team websites or your personal website the easiest way possible and share them with colleagues or to the world.

Learn more about Google Sites by visiting this link: 

Google Groups ( )

Create a personalized mailing list for your class, your friends, your organization or for any other interest. 

Google Start Page ( )

Design your own personal landing page which gives you a quick view of your calendar entries, recent emails, weather, news, or any widget you could think of. You could personalize the look and feel to suit your personality. Make it as your home page and have a quick glance on the important things in your day. 

Explore the features of the Google Start Page at 

Google Moderator ( )

Google Moderator helps you create meaningful discussions about other people's ideas, post questions about a topic and gather suggestions about the topic being discussed.

To find other ways in learning to create discussions you may visit 

Google Code Reviews ( )

Useful for developers, Google Code Reviews provides a facility to do peer or group reviews given a certain code.

Visit the code review wiki at to find out how to use Google Code Reviews

Google Short Links ( )

For easy to remember URL for links generated by Google Docs files, Google Sites pages, presentation links Google Short Links provides an easy to remember URL for any specific need.

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